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Lentil Soup

Gluten Free, Vegetarian

Wash, peel & chop onions, carrots and celery. Coat bottom of pot with olive oil and cook vegetables on medium heat stirring often. Add some salt to help sweat the veggies. Cook until tender. Add in chopped garlic and stir. Don't let it burn, be careful. Add in some tomato paste and stir letting it fry. Add red sauce (premade in this case) and then add water. Raise heat and let come almost to a boil. My grandmother and mother both liked to break up spaghetti and that's what I did, you can use any small pasta cut you want. Add to the soup and stir. Let cook for a while then add cooked lentils or cleaned, raw lentils. Lower and let simmer about 15 minutes, longer if lentils are raw. Add salt to taste and I added some fresh basil which I had frozen. Some like to add red or black pepper. Top with Parmesan cheese when served if you like. Enjoy.

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Lentil soup
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