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Almost Time for the Chubby Fella

Christmas is different this year in so many ways. We are usually 30 to 40 people on the Eve and on the day. This year, that's not happening.

For the Eve we will be 4 people. For the day, probably 6 people. A far cry from the crowd I've been used to since birth!

But.... the good news is, everyone is healthy and Santa, my favorite guy on the planet, will still be coming!

We still baked. We still made chocolate treats. And we will be cooking and making appetizers.

When you come from a large family of Italian descent, small is never an option, so this is foreign to us. We do everything supersized. But we are cooking and sharing, distributing to various homes.

We will open presents via Zoom or Skype. Different, yes, but appreciative we have that option. I love to see the reaction when a present is opened. Best part of giving out gifts!

I collect Santas for many years now. I haven't displayed them in a few years, it's just too much for me these days. I had a larger collection, but some were destroyed in a crazy accident where a car drove through my home! Yeah, thankfully, no one was hurt. Long story for another time.

Santa is my favorite guy. How could you not love him. I mean he's fun, jolly, cuddly and he brings surprises! I'm glad he's still coming tonight! We could all use some jolly these days.

Merry Christmas, happy cooking!

Love Doreen, Al, Lexxi, Lucy and Mocha

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