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Amazing Food At The Shower

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Disclaimer: This was a baby shower I attended. The food was not allergy-friendly, not completely vegetarian and not gluten free. I could not eat ANY of it. I lived vicariously through my friends and family. However, they all enjoyed it and I thought the food and culture would be an interesting read. Rio Douro Bistro

As I stated above, I couldn't eat anything offered. I brought my own meal. Leftover eggplant and spaghetti squash. Of course I used my homemade sauce on both. My appetizer and dessert were a banana and peaches.

At a Portuguese Block Party 2019, young Portuguese boys playing the accordion.

There's a large Portuguese community on Long Island. I went to school way back in the olden days with many Portuguese children whose parents immigrated here. The majority of the population is in the construction business. Many of the women work as house cleaners.

These people are very warm, welcoming and a lot of fun. I should mention my sister is married to a man from Portugal since 1986 and they've taken many trips back to Portugal through the years. Her husband owns a cement business that my nephew has been working with for years.

Rio Douro Bistro

Above are just some of the many appetizers offered. They had clams, asparagus wrapped in ham and cheese and then breaded, salads, sausages,

There were a lot of seafood dishes; shrimp, flounder stuffed with crab, and they had pasta, potatoes, beef and chicken and much more. These were only the pictures I was able to take.

Portuguese are big on seafood. They serve lobster, crab legs and clams as appetizers the way we would put out a veggie platter and chips.

If you think holidays are full of many different types of foods in an Italian household, the Portuguese have us beat! There is something for everyone and in abundance.

Portuguese dancing at a block party summer 2019. The asian lady, so cute and funny. She had no idea how to do the dance, but got right up there and joined in!

Dessert wasn't lacking either. As you can see, there was definitely a variety and something for everyone's taste.

We often go to the Portuguese American Club for big, fun indoor/outdoor gatherings on Memorial Day and Labor Day. Here's a video from a few years ago. One thing I can guarantee, you will never be bored at a Portuguese gathering or go hungry!

I love different cultures and joining in on the fun.

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