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Long Island Favorites, Eating Out or Ordering In - Gluten Free

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Who doesn't love baked goods? I know I always have and still do. You can find great gluten free options at No Gluten Kneaded, a wonderful Long Island Business.

There are certain foods that you just cannot get anywhere as good as you can downstate New York, especially in Manhattan and on Long Island. We have the best pizza, dirty water dogs (hot dogs) and breakfast sandwiches. We also have amazing wineries and farms.

Developing an illness or allergies doesn't have to mean you can no longer enjoy these things. It just means, you have to learn new tricks!

You can still eat out or order in locally. My family has been using Caffe Amici every Friday night for years and they now offer gluten free options! My son gets their gluten free pizza almost every Friday night.

When native New Yorkers who have moved away come back to visit, the first thing they do is make a mad dash for the foods they can't get (or aren't made as delicious) where they live. Remember, food - it's the heart of all we do.

You aren't doomed if you have to go gluten free or change your diet due to allergies or other illness. You just need to change your thinking and do some research.

If you have discovered an excellent gluten free/allergy free restaurant, business or facility on Long Island, please share in the comments on this blog post. Thank you, and enjoy. Happy, safe and healthy eating.

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