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Bringing My Own Food Outside My Home

Don't panic. Don't fret. You can successfully bring your own food with you to a party or event or out to dinner.

L - R Pasta I brought to dinner for my 10th anniversary, pasta I took with me to my nephew's 30th birthday dinner in a restaurant with family and friends, the meal I ate over the weekend at a family gathering.

I bring my own food to:

  • Friend's and family's homes for dinner parties, barbecues and any other parties such as graduations, etc.

  • Restaurants when I go out to eat with my husband, friends or family or a large group of people.

  • When I was still working.

  • To weddings, Sweet 16's, bridal and baby showers, etc.

  • To picnics, the beach, etc.

  • I will be bringing some of my own food on the cruise I have planned for March, 2022. Unlike other places, restaurants, even friend's and family's homes, the ship is equipped to handle allergies and has a dedicated cooking area.

Most people, when getting ready for a wedding or another affair, simply have to worry about what they will wear, how much of a monetary gift they will give (in New York, it's always a monetary gift) what shoes, jewelry to wear and what to pack if they are spending the night or more.

At Last - through all the craziness of illness and the worry of future,

I met my soulmate at last.

I have a lot more to prepare and a lot more to worry about. To understand my unique issues, visit my blog posts.

A Correct Diagnosis, Treatment And Food Plan Equals Success,

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Q & A About Me

Say Good Morning To Gluten Free Eating Some ideas for quick and easy mornings.

I understand the struggle for both adults and parents of children who suffer from either allergies or illness or both and are on a restricted diet. It's a learning process on how to deal.

In the beginning I used to stress out. I started this blog to help others who may be feeling overwhelmed.

Gluten Free Pasta and Broccoli

What foods to bring with me when I am going out? I find pasta the easiest to bring in my opinion if I'm going to a restaurant for only a few hours. I usually bring something that can be eaten either room temperature or cold. I add veggies and sometimes pack dressing on the side to add more just before eating.

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Food from the morning of my niece's wedding ceremony in September, 2020 and also the morning of her reception July, 2021. (She had a COVID wedding) Amazing breakfast heroes while the girls got ready and catered food back at the house in September. More amazing food at the cocktail hour, reception, after party and brunch the next morning in September.

None of which I could eat!

For my niece's wedding reception, we were spending the night in the hotel where her reception was. I wanted to make sure I had enough food to eat and a nice variety. There were plans for a brunch the next day and then a visit to a winery. My husband and I didn't attend the winery trip.

  • I packed a whole box of Chex Gluten Free Rice Cereal. (Yes, I took the box, you never know if you may spend more time than expected. I always have a snack with me.)

  • Several cups of Doles peaches, some for the smoothie, some for snacking.

  • A few jars of Beechnut bananas. I use fresh bananas but also baby food bananas.

  • Four slices of my homemade gluten free banana bread (hubby likes it too) packed in a glass bowl with airtight cover.

  • Pasta with peas and chickpeas mixed with a little butter so it won't stick for my dinner at the wedding. (balsamic vinaigrette dressing on the side - I brought an entire unopened bottle)

  • I filled my smoothie maker with milk, yogurt and beans and kept it in my fridge.

  • I packed the dry ingredients in a small glass bowl with airtight cover

  • I brought my smoothie mixer with me (it's small) and I made the smoothie the next morning to bring with me to the brunch the morning after the wedding with a slice of banana bread.

Everything was packed in a soft cooler with an ice pack in it. When I arrived at the hotel a few hours before the reception, I unpacked everything and put the items that needed to stay cold into the small refrigerator I requested for both my food and hubby's insulin.

Food is very personal. It brings us pleasure, sometimes confusion, can make us laugh, bring lifetime memories and without it, we wouldn't exist. We all have to eat. However, sometimes it can be difficult for various reasons, be it a lack of food (starvation), illness, allergies, handicaps, Food is also the heart of all we do. From the day we are born until the day we die, food is part of the process and sometimes, what is natural can also be complicated. My daughter was on a special formula since birth. When we traveled, I had to pack an abundance, because I knew I couldn't get it everywhere.

Yes, it can be frustrating. It can be scary, confusing, and sometimes, people can even give you a hard time when you need to bring your own meals.

One thing I've learned is, NEVER tell in advance that you are bringing your own food. It's a hassle. But... if you just show up with it, no one bothers you. Crazy, I know. That's how it goes here in New York. Not sure how other states work.

Here it's an insurance issue and they generally will say no if they know in advance, but, if you show up and say, "I have allergies, I'm not ordering, I brought my food," no one blinks. Go figure. Some things just can't be explained with common sense. They just are what they are.

Visit my most viewed recipes for some great ideas.

If you have to bring food from home for yourself or a child(ren), don't panic, don't fret. It can be done. It takes some experimentation, some creativity, and a strong backbone. Yes, a strong backbone, because people will give you a hard time either purposely, or because they think they are funny or due to ignorance.

I've learned to enjoy the people, the party, the atmosphere and ignore the food everyone else is eating. I eat what I brought, it fills me, it nourishes me, it tastes delicious. I don't need anything more.

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