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Cooking/Baking Montage

This is what I do during quarantine. I love to cook, always did. Now I just have more time between being disabled and in quarantine. Every so often I decide to have a cooking frenzy.

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For links to recipes shown on the video (cooking and baking) click in description below video on my YouTube site.

The other day I made several dished for the week. I made sure to make enough for leftovers and enough ingredients to use not only in my dish, but enough leftover for other recipes as well.

Broccoli And Beans With Rice - Quick and easy. Only a few simple ingredients and you have an amazing meal or side dish.

Wash and chop your broccoli and place into a steamer. If you don't have one, you can boil or cook in the microwave. Cook to desired tenderness. I prefer mine on the firm side.

While the broccoli is cooking, prepare your rice according to package directions. Open your beans and drain and rinse.

Gather your seasonings; honey mustard dressing and Sazon. Place rice in a dish and top with beans.

Add broccoli to the rice and beans and then add seasonings; mustard and Sazon. Mix together well.

Serve and enjoy.



White rice (gluten free)

Small white beans (gluten free)

Annie's honey mustard (gluten free)

Sazon Goya (gluten free)

Pepper, Onions and Potatoes (and Eggs for hubby) - Nothing better than this simple dish that can be made in about a half hour.

Wash and chop potatoes. Place into a bowl and cover lightly with olive oil. Mix so that all the potatoes are covered evenly.

Place potatoes in air fryer to cook. If you don't have an air fryer, you can soften them in a bowl of water in the microwave. Wash and chop your peppers and onions and place into a pan with olive oil. Salt to taste. Cook on medium heat, stirring often.

Add some butter as the peppers and onions cook. When the potatoes are soft and almost all the way cooked and the peppers and onions are soft, add them to the pan.

Broccoli steaming while pepper, onions and potatoes are cooking.

I removed some of the peppers, onions and potatoes and put aside in a bowl for myself. I'm allergic to eggs. I added egg to what was leftover and cooked until dry for my husband.

Be sure to use nice red, sweet peppers for the best taste.


Gold Potatoes

Red onion

Red peppers

Olive oil





For a quick asparagus recipe, click green link.

Happy cooking and baking

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