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Cooking Frenzy

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Every so often you just need to go all out and cook till you drop. That's what mom and I did last Friday and Saturday.

A lot of good things happened last week. Great food and....

My cabinet is FINALLY together and in place. Dreams do come true. Now I need to rearrange things, clean out cabinets and stock this cabinet. All in good time. The mess in the boxes will get organized right after Thanksgiving.

Disclaimer: I did not make these chicken balls for myself. I helped my mom make them for Thanksgiving. She makes them in advance and freezes them for the soup. She will leave some soup without the chicken balls for the vegans/vegetarians in the family. Rather than use chicken broth like she used to, she now uses vegetable broth.

Saturday I made a new batch of gluten free cream cheese. For full recipe and procedure, click green link. It took a few days, but I was able to spread it on my flatbread today.

Once I got the cream cheese into the fridge, I made escarole with beans. The next day, I added gluten free pasta and some sauce I also made and enjoyed a delicious lunch.

There was more to come.

I put up a big pot of sauce to keep in the fridge. I use it for many dishes and like to have it on hand. With that done, it was on to the flatbreads.

The flatbreads are easy to make and are very versatile. You can eat them like pancakes or with a spread.

I enjoyed them with both the refried beans I previously made with rice and the cream cheese. I love having leftovers and using them for new meals.

A little trick when frying the flatbreads... I put a shower cap over the smoke detector to stop it from going off. Even though I put the fan above the stove on, the ceiling fan is on and I open the kitchen widows, the smoke detector goes off. This sets the three dogs into hysterics. This trick works well. Just remember to take it off when done. If you think you might forget, set an alarm on your phone when you first put it up.

After I finished up in my house, I went into mom's side of the house. There I helped her make zucchini and onions. Wash the zucchini well, slice and fry in a little bit of olive oil with onions and salt to taste. For other recipes, click the green link..

Mom also made chicken cutlets for herself and other family members. (See the crazy circumstance of why I don't eat meat)

I ate the zucchini with leftover refried beans and rice. It was delicious. By the time we finished dinner, I was exhausted.

I used to cook a lot more in a lot less time years ago. Now, I do things in stages. Eventually, it gets done. Disability puts a damper on things, but cooking, even at a slower pace, makes my happy and reduced anxiety.

Check back for some delicious Thanksgiving recipes

Not only is a cooking frenzy relaxing and fun for me, but, it's great to open the fridge and have a variety to choose from for a quick heat up in the microwave. On days you are rushed, tired or don't feel well, lunch or dinner awaits.

And now... off to cook a few dishes for Thanksgiving tomorrow.

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