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Crazy Things Said or Done To Me

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

I've dealt with people in many capacities for years. I've worked with the public as a waitress for a lot of years and also spent many years in various aspects of customer service.

I also volunteered to help those in need. Not to mention my large family and many friends and acquaintances.

I often dealt with people at their lowest point or during the most scared time in their lives. Or with tired, hungry people. Yeah, that takes talent. You don't know bonkers until you walk up to a table of women who just came from five hours of Christmas shopping with 8 kids under age 10 in tow between them who were now all tired, cranky and hungry.

People down on their luck, having financial problems or who are sick or have a sick loved one aren't at their best. I get it. I can handle them and have and am happy to have helped many.

You meet crazies in New York City on a daily, especially when you work there. Though, I must say, my recent outing was uneventful. Amazingly enough, we had a great time with no incidents. Christmas in New York.

I've always said, there are more good people out there than bad. But for some strange reason, the crazies or incompetent always seem to find me.

Check out my life stores below. Just a few I've endured through the years! For more Life Stories and Inspiration, click on green link.

Here goes. I laugh now at these memories.

1983 Patchogue, New York on Long Island.

I was 19 years old. I was looking for my first full-time, year round job. I'd worked from age 16 during the summers as a paid intern at the company my dad worked for on Wall Street in the financial district downtown Manhattan. I also worked part time jobs while in high school and college as a waitress during the school year.

I was told by my parents I had to get a part time job, but working summers full-time was my choice.

I went on a job interview at a law firm. I dressed appropriately. Back then women wore a business suit - dark skirt, white blouse, matching dark blazer. pantyhose and matching pumps.

The interview was about an hour long. I was well prepared and answered all the questions professionally and appropriately. I was more than qualified for the position, due to my experience working summers on Wall Street and per my school counselor who set up the interview. This was not a high school counselor, I had graduated high school at 17.

After all that, the interviewer looked me in the eye and said, "Why would I hire you? You are just going to get married, get pregnant and quit." After my initial shock, my blood started to boil. What I wanted to do was punch the a$$hole in the face.

Who was my interviewer you might ask? A young guy, first interview ever, didn't know any better? Um, no. It was a Judge, yes, read that again, a Judge. He was in his late 60's and absolutely knew the law, knew that was an illegal statement even at that time and didn't care one bit that he wasted 3 hours of my time and broke the law. Yes, I had to dress, drive there, wait in the lobby, participate in the interview, drive home and undress.

I came home infuriated. I told my mom, then called my school and told them. Like I already knew, I had no proof and going up against a judge wasn't going to get me anywhere. It was my word against his. We were alone in the room. He knew it, I knew it, my mom knew it and my counselor knew it. I let it go. Why waste any more time on such a low life.

He was the person who was making important decisions about people's lives. Scary, right. Not too biased.

I still delight in the fact that I got a higher paying job in New York City, with better benefits and much more professional people. Oh, and I didn't stop working after I had my kids, so he was wrong there too!

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I was 17 years old. working a second summer as an intern at the company my dad worked for on Wall Street. This was in a different department than I had worked the year before.

One day, I went down to street level at lunch time to grab lunch from the nearby café. I was alone that day, which was unusual, as I generally went with at least one coworker, if not more.

Chipwich was all the rage in New York in 1981. There was a cart similar to a hot dog cart, right outside my building that always had a long, long line, especially at lunch time. If I wanted one, my coworker and I, the daughter of another employee, or my cousin, who also got a job through my dad, would go down on our break at 3 p.m. when it was less crowded.

After purchasing my lunch, I was walking back to the building when I was stopped by a young guy who worked in another department at my company. I politely said hello. It was obvious he kept trying to engage me. I was not interested in gabbing with him, I wanted to get back to my office, eat and get on with my day.

After trying to talk with me and asking me out, he then offered to buy me a Chipwich. Of all things, you offer to buy someone an ice cream sandwich. This was after I turned him down to eat lunch together and to meet after work. I politely declined his offer and walked away.

As I was walking, he called out, "I know you and (names coworker) come down at 3 sometimes, I hear you really love to lick." I stopped in my tracks, turned and gave him a death stare. He then continued, "Well, it's a good trait, it's how you move up in the company."

I chose not to tell my father. He would have literally strangled the bastard. I didn't want my dad to lose his job or go to jail. Best to just ignore the jerk. I could handle him if I ever had to encounter him again.

I never said a word to anyone. However, this guy found out that his disgusting suggestions were said to me who happened to be the daughter of the VP When he found out who my dad was, I think he crapped his pants the rest of the summer. Not only because my dad was a VP, but because he knew my dad was a Brooklyn Italian and I think the guy is probably still looking over his shoulder today!

Someone my cousin was friends with mentioned that this guy was asking about me. That's how he learned who my dad was. Oh sh*t.

After that, he avoided me like the plague. If I went to his department to deliver something or hand out memos, yes, we used to literally walk around and hand out printed memos to different departments back then, he suddenly booked to the men's room. Once, I was in an elevator with many others and he wouldn't get into the same elevator. When he saw me at the platform of the subway waiting for the E train under the World Trade Center, he walked the other way.

I took great delight in watching him run and hide the rest of that summer and the next.

Years later, when i was in my 20's, I was working in the Wall Street area as a legal secretary. We ran into one another in Battery Park. I was with my then fiancé. He STILL ran from me. And yes, he STILL worked at my dad's company. When my ex asked why that man noticeably avoided me, I didn't answer, I just said it was a long story because my ex worked at my dad's company under my dad!


I was in my late 30's, at a local restaurant/bar with two girlfriends. We had dinner and a glass of wine then sat at a table near the bar awaiting live music. When I got up to use the ladies room, this guy, who looked to be in his 40's, asked if he could buy me a drink. I politely declined. He asked what I was doing there. Seriously? What was HE doing there, which is what I asked him back. He told me he was with his buddies and he came to see the band. "Have fun," I said and proceeded to the ladies room.

As I was approaching the table after having used the ladies room, this idiot jumped in front of me again. I put up my had to warn him to back off. "Are you married," he asked me. "Are you?," I replied. "If you aren't married, why can't I buy you a drink?"

Apparently, a woman cannot turn down a drink from a man she's not interested in and doesn't want to be bothered with unless she is married. Otherwise, it's mandatory to accept. I was never informed of this rule, silly me.

"No thank you, I'm not interested," I said as politely as possible and walked around him back to my friends. When the band started playing, this jerk asked me to dance. Again, I declined. He then asked if I had kids. I'm not sure why this was relevant. I didn't respond. "I guess you have to get home to your kids, you won't be hanging out late. Who has your kids?"

This jerk was stalking me at this point and pissing me off to boot. I looked at him and said, "are you married, do you have kids, who is watching your kids, when do you have to be home." He laughed. I wasn't amused.

When I left about an hour later, I slipped him something I'd written on a napkin. He smiled and winked at me. I wish I could have seen his face when he opened the napkin and read what I wrote. No, it wasn't my number. It said, you are rude, pushy and obnoxious and have no clue how to be a gentlemen. That was one reason I turned you down. I also don't find you the least bit attractive.


1999 3 a.m. Local Emergency Room on a Tuesday with my 7 year old daughter. A doctor I am guessing was in his 50's, diagnosed my daughter with strep throat. He overheard me say to her we would stop at the 24 hour pharmacy and I would stay home with her the next day as we were both exhausted, and she was very sick, running 102 fever and just feeling miserable.

She had been begging to leave and go home to sleep, so I was explaining we only needed the medication and then she could get in bed and wouldn't need to get up the next morning for school or for me to go to work. I used my cell to call and leave a voicemail at my job while I was awaiting discharge papers so I too could sleep the next morning. Who wanted to wake up early just to call the office.

The doctor walked back in as I was leaving the voicemail. He wanted to check something about an allergy to a certain medication. He then said to me, "is your boss ok with you calling out because your kid is sick." Really? I thought his job was to diagnose my kid, not worry about what my boss thinks about why and when I call out.

I asked him if he had kids. He said, "Yes, two." I asked who stays home with them when they are that sick. "Well, my wife, of course. She's always home with them. I don't want my kids growing up neglected."

So now, apparently, my child is neglected because I was not only a working mom, but also a single mom.

The nurse saw my face turn beat red in anger. The next day, I called and made a complaint to the hospital about that doctor. I didn't want to get into it with him right then and there. My kid was too sick to waste time on this jerk.

Although I was told action would be taken and thanked profusely for informing them, I don't believe anything was ever even said to him and I know nothing was done. He was still working there in 2006 when I refused to see him and asked for a different doctor. They told me he was the only doctor there. I left, and went to another nearby ER.


2016 7 a.m. Emergency Room. I was the patient. As I'm being wheeled in my bed for a test, I overheard my nurse, who was speaking to the nurse just coming on shift, tell the new nurse that I was probably a drug seeker. A DRUG SEEKER. WTH. I know she was discussing me because she mentioned my bed number but didn't notice I was being wheeled by.

I was having a ton of medical issues and was going to the ER a lot. Most often I was sent either by my doctor or by my company nurse who would call an ambulance. It wasn't always the same company nurse, it was various nurses who felt the need to call an ambulance.

If she had simply checked my chart, she would have seen that I always turned down pain meds. I didn't want pain meds, I wanted a diagnoses and help. (See Sent to ER by Dr. - You're Not Alone Facing Allergies) (See A Correct Diagnosis, Treatment And Food Plan Equals Success)

I stopped going to that hospital and started with a different ER when needed. I love them there and no, they've never assumed I was a drug seeker.


2017 - Doctor's office parking lot - Middle of the Afternoon

I had never been to this office, so I was following my GPS. I pulled into the lot and all parking was on the left. I saw a spot and made a left into the spot. There was a woman walking towards me in the lot but she was very far away and I figured she was heading into the office.

I got out of my car and was crossing over to the front door. I heard someone yelling. I looked and realized, it was the lady who was walking in the lot and she was yelling at me. She said I made the left right in front of her and could have killed her. What? I had seen her, she was nowhere near me.

Now, I happened to have borrowed my mom's car which was a Lincoln and her license plate had her name on it. So, this lady was calling me by my mom's name and screaming like a nut. Wow. I was completely stunned at this display.

She then told me that I didn't care about anyone else and I was selfish because I was driving a "highfalutin car" as she frantically pointed a finger at me.

I just looked a this complete nutcase, shook my head and said, "lady, I am busy," and walked into the doctor's office.

To this day, we still joke around and call my mom's new car a highfalutin car. That lady gave us some good laughs through the years.


2019 Parking lot at supermarket. Middle of the Afternoon

A man, who appointed himself the parking lot police, took it upon himself to tell me I was illegally parked in handicapped. I was not. I had simply forgotten to put my placard up on my rearview mirror.

He didn't say this nicely. He was yelling at me in the middle of the parking lot and was very rude. I answered him politely at first. I explained I forgot to put up my placard.

This maniac started screaming at me and calling me a liar and saying all these crazy things about how I stole a spot from someone who really needed it and I looked just fine, etc. etc.

I put my groceries in the trunk, slammed it down, reached into my car, grabbed my placard and waved it at him, screaming, "See, here's the effing placard." No, not exactly lady like, but I got my point across.

When I realized I probably looked like a crazed lunatic in the middle of the shopping center parking lot, I got in my car and drove off ignoring my desire to run over the a$$hole self-appointed parking lot policeman who was still standing there watching me.


I've always said, I'm an a$$hole magnet. If there's a nutcase out there, they find me. The thing is, I don't bother anyone. I mind my business, I'm polite, courteous, kind and friendly. But somehow, the schmucks find me. Some say it's because I'm polite, courteous, kind and friendly. Some swear my kindness is mistaken for weakness. Huge, huge mistake. I'm kind, until you piss me off.


One last story about the audacity of the guy in the liquor store in 2019. I've never been so offended. I stopped in to buy a gift for my friend's son and his fiancé. I asked the advice of the guy working behind the counter.

After some deliberation, I made my choice and approached the register, placing my goods on the counter. He grabbed them and started ringing them up.

"Aren't you going to proof me," I asked.

"No, that's not necessary," he replied.

Can you believe it? I couldn't. Simply assuming I was over 21. The nerve.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, successful New Year. Cheers!

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