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Do The Things You Love

This falls under Life Lessons and Inspiration.

I'll be 59 soon. I was raised to never care what anyone else thought and I never did. Good for me. If I had, I would have been destroyed years ago, in my teens and 20's.

My motto has always been "the lies are funny, it's the truth that hurts." Hence why, when someone spews their nonsense, all I hear is "nanny, nanny, poo, poo, you're smelly," in a five-year-old voice and it makes me giggle.

"Your fat" = "nanny, nanny..." The best part is, these people spew their nonsense first, then get upset when you hit them back between the eyes with truths. Then they try to make you the bad guy. And the funniest part is those trying to put you down haven't looked in the mirror at themselves, apparently.

They will leave out a whole part of a story, making you sound terrible. Then, when you talk to someone and tell them your side and all the other person left out, wow, is that an eye opener!

If I had listened to mean, nasty, jealous, narcissistic, or ay combination thereof, people, I wouldn't be cooking or writing today, two things I love to do.

Whose opinion would you value more? That of your teachers, professors, editor, friends and family and others who have actually READ what you have written, or that of those who never even read one thing you wrote?

Whose opinion would you value more? The hundreds who have eaten your cooking over the years or the complete strangers' who not only never met you, but never once tasted anything you cooked.

Remember, it's easy to make a fool out of a fool. I used to post pictures of food made by professional chefs and those who thought I cooked it used to bash it simply because they thought I made it. You can't get more foolish than that. You also proved you don't really have an opinion, you simply have an agenda to bash someone simply to bash them.

Writing excites me and cooking relaxes me. The final outcomes are satisfying in different ways. The best part, others get to enjoy both. Not only am I happy doing it, but I'm making others happy as well.

Life is too short to worry about others and their issues. Do the things you love and never let anyone stop you for any reason. Have confidence in yourself and your abilities.

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