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Escarole Soup UPDATED

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Disclaimer: I made this for my parents, husband and company. I don't eat meat and it's not gluten free, the pasta has gluten. It can easily be made meatless and gluten free simply by using gluten free pasta.

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It's winter, it's cold here on Long Island, we are expecting snow tonight into tomorrow, blizzard conditions so they forecast. So yes, I've been on a soup kick. If we lose electricity and can't cook, there's plenty of food in the fridge. It can be left out and eaten at room temperature if necessary. I miss my gas stove. I had gas in my condo, but here, if the electric goes out, we can't cook anything.

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Your first step is to clean your escarole well. It is usually full of sand and who wants to eat sand.

Put up a large pot of cold water to boil and be sure to add a nice amount of salt. Wash your escarole as shown in the above video. For full escarole in garlic and oil recipe, click green link. Once your escarole is clean, you can set it aside until your water boils.

You can start preparing your garlic, see below. When your water is boiling, add in your chopped escarole - see video on how it's cut.

Check out my Halloween and Thanksgiving Category. Full of fun fall gluten free recipes. All can be made with gluten if you can eat it.

Prepare your garlic, according to the recipe, and once the escarole is cooked, transfer into the pot with the garlic as shown in the video. Be sure to watch exactly how my mom does it.

I made the escarole Monday night and packed it up to store in the fridge. The flavors "marry" and it tastes even better the next day.

On Tuesday night, I gathered the ingredients my mom bought for the soup. She asked me to make it as she was busy.

I took the escarole from the fridge and placed it into a large soup pot and heated it on low. As it was heating, I added the hot sausage into a pan and cooked until browned (see video above) When the sausage was cooked, I used a slotted spoon to transfer it from the frying pan to the pot. You don't want all that grease in your soup. Stir meat and escarole together.

If you don't like hot sausage, you can use Sweet Italian sausage.

I cut the pepperoni with a scissor as shown in the video. That was added to the pot. Stir into the soup.

Next I added the beans still in the liquid. Don't drain them. (see video) You don't want to miss out on all that flavor.

Next I added my 2 boxes of chicken broth. This dish is not vegetarian or gluten free, but, it wasn't made for anyone with allergies or who is vegetarian. Once the broth is added, stir everything together and keep on a low simmer unless you want to eat soon. If you want to eat right away, then follow next step immediately. If it won't be for a few hours, turn off your soup and remove from the hot burner. You will bring it up to temperature again later.

About 15 minutes before you are ready to eat, bring soup to a boil and add pasta (see video) I used 2 heads of escarole and 2 boxes of soup. I used about 1/2 a box of pasta. You don't want to add too much. It will dry up your soup. I cook the pasta right in the soup. I like the starchy consistency.

Picture is of my husband's serving. He and my parents enjoyed their soup with slices of Italian bread.

Mom and I made escarole soup again yesterday, 10/23/21. This time we left out the pepperoni and made it with sweet sausage as we were having company who doesn't like spicy. It's getting chilly here on Long Island. Soup season is upon us. Check out my category Gluten Free Soups.

It's a delicious meal. Packed with protein, vegetables and some carbs. Hearty and filling. Easy cleanup and plenty for leftovers.

I also made some brussels sprouts. For recipe, click green link. Once they were roasted to perfection, I mixed in leftover rice from my white bean and rice soup.

I had leftover white bean and rice soup for dinner. I added some escarole to it before I made the other dish for my parents and husband. I think it's even more delicious after having been refrigerated and reheated.

That is not the bowl it was stored in. There is still a lot more soup in the refrigerator, as well as, potato butternut squash soup both in the fridge and the freezer. It's always good to be prepared in the winter.


Escarole (2 large heads)


Olive oil

Garlic cloves


Sausage (hot or sweet, your choice)


Cannellini beans (don't drain)

Chicken or Vegetable broth (2 boxes)

Small shaped pasta of your choice

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