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Fettuccini Alfredo - Can Easily Be Made Gluten Free

Disclaimer: This is made with regular pasta, however, if you substitute Gluten Free pasta it is easily a gluten free meal.

Funny Story: When I was young, early teens and 20's, my mom hosted Christmas every year. We had a lot of company, including cousins, friends and friends of friends. Mom would make Fettuccine Alfredo as the pasta course. Not every year, but sometimes every other year or maybe two years later.

It just so happened that every time Mom made Fettucine Alfredo for Christmas, someone wound up pregnant! The big joke was that Mom's Fettucine Alfredo was an aphrodisiac. Or, it somehow enhanced fertility!

It got to the point where one year my cousin refused to it eat. She wasn't taking any chances after three kids! We all got a good laugh.

When one was trying for pregnancy, they would ask if mom was making Fettuccini Alfredo and be sure to have a good sized helping.

To this day, they swear it works!.

The family came for dinner - after all it was Sunday, Sunday Fun day and family dinner day.

How To Make The Alfredo Sauce:

Put up a pasta pot with water and salt generously. Allow to come to a rolling boil.

As you are waiting for the water to boil., melt two sticks of butter in a separate large sauce pan on high heat. Once melted add a little garlic powder and onion powder. More onion than garlic. We judge by eye, so I can't give measurements.

Allow to simmer until the powders are slightly brown.

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Add in half and half. Raise heat. Allow half and half to come to small bubbles.

Beat your egg yolks. Temper eggs. For how to temper eggs, click green link.

Add the eggs to the sauce. Stir often.

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When your water is in a full boil, throw in your pasta. As the pasta is cooking, keep stirring your sauce. When the pasta is almost done cooking finish you sauce by adding in a lot of finely grated Parmigiana Reggiano cheese and stirring continuously, allowing the cheese to melt.

Drain your pasta and place into a bowl. Immediately top with Alfredo sauce. The pasta will soak up the sauce so stir it up and add a bit more.

Put some sauce in a bowl on the side so people can add as they choose. Serve and enjoy.

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It was Sunday. I invited the family for Sunday dinner. That means a variety of dishes to go along with the Fettuccini Alfredo. I made roasted broccoli and cauliflower, peas and carrots and for the meat eaters, beef ribs with my own homemade glaze.

I also made a red sauce (for my sauce recipe click green link) for myself and my niece who is vegan. Of course, I made myself gluten free pasta and we separated some linguini for her and added red sauce. I don't eat the Alfredo sauce. First off, it has eggs in it and I'm allergic to gluten, nuts, eggs, corn and soy. Secondly, it's too heavy for me. Even before my allergies developed, if I did eat it, I only ate a small amount.

It was a bustling kitchen. My sister baked two cakes. My daughter-in-law frosted them. Mom and my sister helped with the Alfredo sauce. I made everything else. It's a team effort in this house.

Of course, music was playing and there was some singing and dancing involved. My daughter and niece set the kitchen and dining room tables. Yes, we used paper plates, the large pretty kind. When we have a lot of people we always do.

To end the night we celebrated my daughter-in-law's niece's birthday with cake and coffee.

Happy Sunday - family day!



Fettuccini or Gluten Free Pasta of your choice - see where I buy specialty items

2 Sticks butter

Garlic powder

Onion powder

1 Gallon Half and Half

6 egg yolks

Parmigiana Reggiano cheese - you can grate yourself or have it grated when you buy it

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