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Foods and Sites of Italy

Updated: Apr 8

This blog post is written with permission from my daughter. It's just for fun and since I'm a huge foodie, it was wonderful receiving pictures of the different dishes.

My dream has always been to visit Italy. I haven't gotten there yet. However, my daughter and her husband just returned. I was so happy that she planned this trip.

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Years ago she went to Portugal for two weeks with my sister and her family. My sister's husband is from there and has family there. It was the perfect trip. She literally went to Europe for free. My sister paid for her airfare and they stayed with relatives. What an opportunity.

She was still in college and working as well. But, she managed to take the time to take advantage of such an amazing trip. Not only did they stay with family, but then friends lent them their condo by the seaside and they spent a few days there.

My daughter's wedding venue.

It's been one helluva whirlwind these days. My son and daughter got married not too far apart from one another. That meant engagement parties, bridal showers, Rehearsal dinners and, of course, wedding ceremonies and receptions. My niece also got married right around the same time so we had all the same for her. It was all fun, happy celebrations. What a time though.

Packing My Own Food Even For...

My son's daughter, my first grandchild, was born the end of 2022. My daughter is due in a few months with a boy! So many happy occasions but what a busv9y few years it's been.

Costa Rica

A few day's after my daughter's wedding they did a minimoon to Florida and did the Disney thing. Then they took a honeymoon to Costa Rica which was awesome.

For her 30th birthday, they took a trip to Italy in March.

My husband jokes that our grandson has been more places while still in the womb than he's been his whole life. Inbetween the honeymoon and Italy, my daughter also went to California to visit a good friend.

While in Italy, my daughter and son-in-law sent me pictures of the food which looked amazing and they said was exquisite. They raved over the cheesecake and the gelato.

They also sent pictures and videos of the many sights they visited. My daughter even Facetimed with me a few times, once to show me the Vatican lit up at night and another to show me the beautiful sights at the maternity photo shoot they did in Italy. My daughter is a wedding photographer herself and also does engagement shoots and maternity shoots. This time she was on the other side of the camera!

They were there on Palm Sunday and witnessed celebrations in the streets too. I found it interesting that they didn't stop traffic like they do here where we live. If there's a parade in the street all traffic is stopped here and roads are blocked off by police cars. I'm told there, anything goes. Crossing the street is a risky adventure.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures in this fun post. I certainly enjoyed receiving them while they were in Italy.

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