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Fried Potatoes For Movie Date and Dry Ice

This afternoon, my husband asked me on a date to the movies. I eagerly accepted.

But first I had to get prepared. What could I make for myself to nibble on that's delicious, quick and easy?

I grabbed a bag of popcorn for him and a few gold potatoes to make myself a snack. Due to my allergies, I make my own snacks. Washing and slicing a few potatoes only took minutes.

Next I heated olive oil in a frying pan and once the oil was ready, added in my potatoes. I let them fry on one side then flipped them over once. They fried quickly to a crisp, golden brown. There was a little mishap that made the dogs lose their minds, but nothing too serious (see video above)

It helps to remove the potatoes from the oil with a slotted spoon and to place them on paper towel to drain off the excess oil. I pat them with another towel on top (see video). It takes two to three batches to crisp all the potatoes.

Our snacks were ready. Our date could begin. I was happy there was no traffic and no lines. We got lucky. Two of our dogs even joined us; they are comfort dogs after all. Mocha, my little fluffy, brow, chubba wubba above, was, as usual, very interested in our snacks. Lucy, our red drama queen (named after Lucille Ball) just wanted to find a comfy spot to relax. She just had surgery and is milking it big time.

Yes, there was no traffic or lines from the kitchen to our living room! We had a Covid date. Netflix and cuddles on the couch. Lucy, eventually fell asleep during the movie, guess it wasn't her thing. Love the tip of the tongue peeking out.

My husband and I met online back in 2009. Both of us had a thing for WWII. I love reading period piece novels and watching period piece movies. So, of course, we watched a WWII movie.

I also made more roasted veggies and had a bowl of those after my potato chip snack. Yummy.

It was one of the best dates since all this nonsense started! When life throws you lemons, make lemonade, right? Oh, maybe a bad quote. I HATE lemons.

After the movie, I went into my parents' side of the house to see what they were up to. My son was there. He had dry ice in the sink and was having fun with it. He called me over to see, like he used to do when he was a kid.

He was out on the South Shore of Long Island with his fiancée in Sag Harbor and bought homemade ravioli during one of his scenic stops. They packed it in dry ice for his ride home. So we had some fun with it. (see video)

The food was delicious, the movie was great and the company was wonderful (my husband an my girls, Mocha, smiling and loving belly rubs; Lexxi, hanging in the yard; Lucy, my inquisitive girl, and Baby, guarding the pool and a friend's dog).

Wishing you all a safe, healthy, rest of the year. Plan something fun with the ones you love, camp in the den, have a soccer match in the backyard, go to the dog races (throw balls and see which dog gets one first), race in the pool. We've done all these things and more.


Olive oil

Gold potatoes

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