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Gluten Free Chickpea Stew

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

This was inspired by Spain on a Fork's recipe. I made some changes. I can't eat eggs as I'm allergic, so I left that out. I also don't like saffron and don't keep it in the house. I made this during a blizzard, I wasn't running out to the store in any case. I also eliminated black pepper because I don't like it.

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Here's my version:

Chop one yellow onion in chunks. Peel, wash and chop carrots into small chunks. Wash celery and chop into small chunks. Place vegetables into a pot and add 4 cups cold water, salt and bay leaf. Bring to a boil then simmer until vegetables are very soft. (see video)

While the vegetables are cooking, dice the second onion and peel and dice garlic. (see video)

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Drain vegetables into a colander with a bowl underneath so you can catch the liquid. Separate the vegetables into a bowl and remove bay leaf. Set liquid aside to be used later. (see video)

Coat the bottom of the pot with olive oil and heat on medium. Add in diced onions, stir to coat with oil and allow to soften. Add in minced garlic and stir. Don't let garlic brown. Add in tomato sauce - for homemade recipe click green link. (see video)

Drain and rinse chickpeas. Set aside. (see video)

With either an immersion blender or a regular blender, blend your vegetables. I used my immersion blender. Add 1/4 cup of chickpeas to the vegetables. Add 1/2 cup liquid from the boiled vegetables. Blend until smooth. (see video)

Add remaining chickpeas to pot, stir well. Add in blended vegetables, stir well. Add in 2 cups of the vegetable liquid and stir again. Allow to simmer until everything is hot. Season with salt to taste. (see video)

Rinse and drain fresh spinach. Add to pot. Stir well. Simmer until spinach is cooked. (see video)

Serve and enjoy. I put a dollop of Greek yogurt on mine and then mixed it in. Yummy.


Olive oil

2 Yellow onions

3 small Carrots

2 Celery stalks

4 cloves Garlic

Tomato Sauce - I used leftover. for my homemade recipe, click green link above.

2 cans Chickpeas drained and rinsed

4 cups water - add more if necessary as vegetables cook

2 cups Fresh Spinach

1 bay leaf - mine were small so I used 2

Salt to taste

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