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Gluten Free Instant Pot Spicy Taco Pasta Soup

My husband loved this dish so much he had seconds at dinner and ate it the next day for lunch! This is the guy who swore he'd never touch anything gluten free. He loves all my gluten free desserts too.

A quick, easy, inexpensive meal, especially if you leave out the cheeses which some prefer, that is filling and satisfying, especially on a cold winter evening.

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Add some olive oil to the bottom of your instant pot. Hit sauté on your instant pot. Add sliced garlic. Stir. (see video)

Squeeze in some tomato paste and stir. Allow to sauté with garlic. Shake in garlic powder and onion powder. Turn off Sauté mode on Instant Pot. Add in pasta. Push it to the sides of the pot. Pour in vegetable broth. (see video)

Add in pasta sauce - I used leftover homemade sauce. For my sauce recipe, click green link. Then I added 1 can diced tomatoes and salsa which I added by eye. (see video)

It's the holiday season. We are all overworked, in a rush, stressed and our minds are going a mile a minute. Through it all, remember to be that Little Ball of Sunshine - read the story of my day in the market.

Sprinkle in one packet of sazon, salt to taste, oregano and basil - both done by eye. Stir ingredients together. If pasta is not completely covered in liquid add a little more broth or some water. Secure lid on Instant Pot. (see video)

I set mine on high pressure for 19 minutes. Next time, I'll do about 14 minutes. The pasta was a bit too soft for my liking. Release pressure and stir. (see video)

While the pasta is cooking, prepare your cheeses. I grated provolone and cheddar.

Add the shredded cheese into the instant pot and stir. Place a serving into a bowl and top with parmesan cheese. Enjoy.


There are no amounts on this recipe. I did it all by eye, so judge for yourself!

Gluten Free pasta of your choice

Olive oil

Garlic cloves

Tomato paste

Garlic powder - McCormick is gluten free unless otherwise specified

Onion powder - McCormick is gluten free unless otherwise specified

Gluten Free vegetable broth

Red pasta sauce - I had some leftover

Diced tomatoes

Gluten Free mild salsa

1 packet Sazon Goya

Salt to taste

Dried Basil - McCormick is gluten free unless otherwise specified

Dried Oregano leaves - McCormick is gluten free unless otherwise specified

Provolone cheese - make sure it's gluten free - I grated my own

Cheddar cheese - make sure it's gluten free - I grated my own

Parmesan cheese - I used pre shredded - make sure it's gluten free

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