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Gluten Free Pancakes and Gluten Free Potato Pancakes (Almost)

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

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I found a gluten free pancake mix that didn't have ingredients I was allergic to in it!

Gluten Free Pancakes:

This was not made from scratch. I tried a mix I found in my local supermarket. It was very tasty. (see video)

I used Bob's Red Mill gluten free egg replacer. Prepare according to package instructions. Prepare batter according to pancake package instructions. (see video)

Cook like you would traditional pancakes. A little butter melted in the pan and you are good to go. (see video)

The pancakes are light and fluffy. Hubby liked them too!

Gluten Free Potato Pancakes:

I used the leftover mashed potatoes from the dinner I made the previous night.

Chop a red onion and brown in a little bit of butter and olive oil. Add some salt. Remove from pan with a slotted spoon. Allow to cool. (see video)

Add the cooled onions to the mashed potatoes. Add gluten free flour and milk. Stir together. Add more milk as needed until the potatoes are the consistency of a batter. (see video)

Place the batter into the hot oil with a spoon and pat down to form the shape of a pancake. THIS IS WHERE IT ALL WENT WRONG. I tend to think it has to do with the gluten free product or the olive oil (I haven't found another oil I can use without getting a reaction) or maybe a combination of the two.

It turned into as much of a disaster as my rice balls. I now believe using gluten free products might have been the culprit there too. I am guessing they don't fry well or don't fry well in olive oil

The pancakes stuck, even in the oil. They broke apart. The outside cooked, the inside didn't. Trying to flip them was a struggle. (see video)

My maternal grandmother made amazing potato pancakes. This is NOT what hers looked like!!

I mixed the half cooked potatoes back in with the batch and put them into a pan and baked them. They tasted good, but they were NOT potato pancakes. Oh, well, I gave it my best shot.

Potato Pancake Ingredients:

leftover mashed potatoes

red onion

olive oil


gluten free flour


Disclaimer: I cook meat for my family. I do not eat it. (See why I don't eat meat.) You may see recipes with meat. Everything can be made gluten free and meatless. If you want to make the meatloaf, you can use the same vegan meat substitute I used in the Sweat and Sour vegan balls I made.

The rest of dinner came out good. I cooked for my parents, son and daughter-in-law and my husband. I ate everything but the meat.

Mix all the ingredients together well, blending into the meat. Form the meat into a loaf or "football" and brush the barbecue sauce over the top. Place uncovered into a preheated 350 degree oven. Cook approximately 1 hour. Make sure it is cooked completely in the thickest part of the middle by breaking into a small piece with a fork.

Meatloaf Ingredients:

Ground beef or vegan substitute

gluten free breadcrumbs (another family member must also be gluten free)

1 egg



garlic powder

onion powder


barbecue sauce

I also made a big pot of pea soup. Click green link for recipe. It was cold outside and there was snow and ice hindering outings. A big pot of soup hit the spot. I made enough for leftover and put some in the fridge and two large Chinese food containers into the freezer.

Well, the family didn't get potato pancakes, but they did like the potato casserole I turned it into. Sometimes, you just have to roll with the punches.

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