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Gluten Free Vegetable Rice Soup

I love rice in soup. I think it picks up the flavors more so than pasta and it's more filling. So on a cold winter day, what's better than putting up a big pot of vegetable rice soup?

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Start with a classic mirepoix. See my YouTube playlist of soups to watch how I start most soups. Peal, wash and chop your carrots, red onion and celery.

Coat your soup pot with some olive oil and heat on medium. Add your carrots, red onions and celery (your mirepoix). Salt to taste and allow vegetables to soften. Stir often. When the vegetables soften, add your garlic. Stir and allow garlic to cook, but you don't want it to brown.

Once the garlic cooks down for a while, add a few squirts of tomato paste. Fry the paste, stirring so it blends with the vegetables. (see video above) Add in your gluten free vegetable broth and some tomato sauce (I had leftover from another meal). Add in water. For sauce recipe, click green link.

Allow liquid to simmer covered. As it's simmering, peel and wash your potatoes and place them into cold water so they don't brown. Remove one potato at a time and chop into cubes. Place each chopped potato back into the cold water.

Raise the heat on the broth and allow it to come to a low boil. Drain the potatoes and put into the soup. (see video) Allow the potatoes to cook until tender (you can stick a fork through them.) If you are using fresh vegetables, put them into the pot with the potatoes. I used frozen, so I put them in later.

Cook you rice according to package directions as the potatoes are cooking. Set aside for later.

When the potatoes are almost soft enough to serve the soup, add in our frozen vegetables. Allow to cook until potatoes and vegetables are soft. Add in your rice, not too much or it will suck up all your broth.

Serve and enjoy!

The soup freezes well. It's also easy to keep some in the fridge to heat up for lunch or dinner.

For more soup recipes, visit my soup category on the blog menu.


Olive oil


Red onions




Sweet Potatoes

Gold Potatoes

Rice - I used white, you can use any rice you choose

Vegetables - anything our heart desires. I used frozen this time. List of what I used below:


Cauliflower - cut into small pieces

String beans - cut into small pieces


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