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Gluten Free White Pasta e Fagioli

UPDATED: 6/26/23


Growing up, my mom had a lot of mouths to feed. My two parents, four girls, and two grandparents were at the dinner table most nights unless someone was working or at an activity. We also usually had at least one guest, often three or four. A big pot of Pasta e Fagioli went a long way and was quick and easy to throw together. Sometimes she made it with red sauce and sometimes with white sauce. I chose white this time.

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Another snowy day on Long Island. Last Monday, I made my amazing soup. This time, being I wasn't feeling too well, I wanted something quick and easy. In 20 minutes, I whipped up this meal.

Slice several cloves of garlic. Coat your pot with some olive oil. Add garlic to cold oil so it infuses flavor as the oil heats. Cook on medium. Don't let the garlic brown, it will get bitter. Stir often.

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Put up a separate pot of cold water. Add salt and bring to a rolling boil.

Once your garlic has cooked and is soft, add in your white beans. You can use Cannellini beans or small white beans. I used the small white beans this time. Do not drain or rinse the beans for this dish.

When your water comes to a boil, add in your pasta and cook until desired texture. I prefer mine al dente. Stir often so it doesn't stick.

Long Island Life

Just before you are ready to drain the pasta, take a few ladles of pasta water and put aside in a cup. I took three for the amount of pasta and beans I was making.

Drain your pasta but don't rinse it under water. You want it to be hot.

Add your pasta to your beans then pour in the starchy water you put aside in the cup. Stir together well and allow to cook together for about a minute or two. You don't want to overcook and turn the pasta and beans to mush.

Serve and garnish with Parmesan cheese if you choose or eat as is.

Stir the cheese into the dish and enjoy. You can store the leftover in the refrigerator. It heats up well in the microwave or on the stovetop.


Garlic cloves

Olive oil



Small white beans

Gluten free pasta - I prefer Tinkyada brand

Parmesan cheese - be sure it is gluten free

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