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How To Make Gluten Free Cream Cheese & Gluten Free Chickpea Flatbread

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Disclaimer: These two recipes are not my own. I posted the videos below of where I learned to make these two dishes.

I have a lot of allergies. I also miss cream cheese. So, I did a search on how to make my own. I found this wonderful recipe in the video below. Not only did it look much easier than everything else I found, but the woman's voice was so soothing, I listened to a bunch of her videos as I was working on something on my computer!

Homemade Gluten Free Cream Cheese: The process is easy but takes a few days total.

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So here is my first attempt at making my own cream cheese. It was very easy and I was happy with the results.

I poured the yogurt into the strainer which was covered with cheesecloth and allowed it to sit for 24 hours. I did drain the bowl in between, there was a lot more liquid (whey) in the bottom of the bowl than what you see in the pictures and videos (see my video above)

After 24 hours, I removed the cheese from the refrigerator. I added a little salt, sugar and a drop of vanilla to my cheese and mixed well before I placed it into a new container. I scooped the cheese (curds) out and placed them into a container lined with new cheesecloth, smoothed it out and wrapped it tightly in the cloth.

Next step was to cover the bowl with a snap on top and let it sit in the fridge. The video says seven days, but I like my cream cheese softer. I don't want a block. So I let it sit for two days. For me, it was perfect.

After two days, I unwrapped the cheesecloth and flipped it onto a plate. I removed the cheesecloth and then put the container back on top of it and flipped it back into the container. It came out perfect. Nice and creamy and delicious.


Whole Milk Yogurt




Gluten Free Chickpea Flatbread: As simple as making pancakes and delicious too.

I mixed the chickpea flour with water (see my video above) Then I added some olive oil, less than what the video I watched called for because it looked a bit watery to me. It could be the brand of flour I had. I skipped the straining, I didn't feel it was necessary. I chilled the mixture in the fridge, covered as shown in the video tutorial I watched.

I chopped my garlic and onions and fried them in a little olive oil and butter. I set aside to let cool. I did not use any of the spices the tutorial recommends. I don't like them.

When the chickpea flour mixture cooled and thickened and the garlic and onions cooled, I mixed them together (see my video)

Heat some oil and butter in a pan, not too hot, medium heat will do. Cook the batter like you would pancakes (see my video)

I stored some of the extra flatbreads in a glass bowl with a snap on lid. They stay very fresh in those bowls. I spread my homemade cream cheese on half of a flatbread and folded the bread over. Serve and enjoy.

What would I do differently next time? I'd add more onion and garlic and more salt. Otherwise it was absolutely delicious.

Next: I'm combining sweet potato flour with the chickpea flour, adding much more onion and garlic, adding red peppers, and a bit more salt, some sugar and banana into the batter. I'm going to bake it like a bread. Come back to see how that recipe went!


2 cups Chickpea flour (garbanzo beans)

1 cup Water

1/2 cup Olive oil

Garlic powder to taste - McCormick is gluten free - or use fresh

Onion powder to taste - McCormick is gluten free - or use fresh

Olive Oil for frying



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