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Instant Pot Gluten Free Pea Soup

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

This is the same gluten free pea soup recipe only made in the Instant Pot, cutting the cooking time from 45 minutes to 18 minutes. I made it recently, but my husband requested I make it again. So I did, this time in the instant pot. It came out delicious.

It was served before the Gluten Free Zucchini Tater Tots I made as a side.

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Chop your red and yellow onions into small pieces. Add four pats of butter to instant pot Turn instant pot onto sauté mode. When to butter melts, add your onions. Stir onions and allow to sauté until they soften. Stir several times. (see video)

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Rinse peas under water and feel around for anything hard that shouldn't be in there. Allow to drain and place into a bowl. (see video)

Add peas into pot and add water enough to cover the peas well. Give it a stir. Set instant pot on pressure cook for a total of 18 minutes. Set pot for 6 minutes, then stir and then another 6 minutes and stir. Stir at least twice during the cooking process so the bottom doesn't burn. You may have to add a bit more water as well. (see video)

I put the soup into a different pot as I didn't want to use the Immersion blender in my instant pot. Blend well until there's no lumps and soup is smooth. You can keep hot on the stove or serve immediately. (see video)


Green split peas

Red and yellow onion




Black pepper - I don't like black pepper so I never use it, but many like it

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