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J&J Vaccine, Allergies, Sightseeing in NYC

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

I got the Johnson and Johnson vaccine at the Javits Center yesterday! More Than 5.5 Million Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine Have Been Administered to Date. How Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine works.

"Until 100 years ago the average person with their “natural immune system” was lucky to live to the “ripe old age” of 35. Infectious diseases used to be the main cause of death. Smallpox, typhoid fever, malaria, bubonic plague, tetanus, and influenza used to cause hundreds of millions of deaths. Most people didn’t live long enough to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. At first inoculations, then vaccines, after that antibiotics, and later anti-viral drugs led to near eradication for many diseases(smallpox and typhus)."

My son and daughter-in-law took me to the Javits Center in the city (Manhattan for those not from New York) for my vaccination yesterday. Per my doctor's advice, I requested the Johnson and Johnson shot due to my allergies/immunology issues.

I have to say, the Javits Center was very organized. The doctors, nurses and National Guard were AMAZING. They were very thorough. They took all my medical history, asked about my medications, what conditions I have and my allergies. I got a sticker to see the medical doctors who again went over everything. Everyone was professional.

There was one lone protestor outside with signs trying to stop people from going in. Basically she was ignored. Her information was WRONG to begin with. Nothing she said was in the vaccines was actually IN them. The National Guard asked her to leave. She refused. The police came out a few seconds later and physically removed her.

Top 10 Allergy Friendly Gluten Free Recipes Due to my allergies and crazy diagnosis, I was a seasoned cook that had to learn new tricks.

The professionals give you all the information, all the ingredients and explain in detail what to expect. Due to all my allergies and medical issues, I was very nervous getting the vaccine, but they calmed me and all is fine.. I got a sticker I had to put onto my top showing I have allergies and that I have to wait 30 minutes after the shot before I could leave. I also got a sticker stating I received my shot! They vaccinated 5,400 plus yesterday.


My only complaint... This didn't happen to my hair! Ha ha. I highly recommend going to the Javits center. It was a wonderful experience with calm, caring, attentive, informative people with real facts and information. I feel like yesterday was the day that my life changed for the third time. (See The Day My Life Changed and Holiday Traditions And The Second Day My Life Changed.

It had been so long since I'd gone into the city, that it was unrecognizable. That's me with my daughter-in-law outside the Javits Center waiting for my son to return from parking the car. Yes, you must wear masks even outside in the city.

Side Effects: My only side effects are a sore left upper arm and some stomach discomfort, to put it nicely, and fatigue. I'll take it over the inability to breath from COVID. Of course, everyone is different. This is simply my experience.

I got a kick out of the tiny police vehicles (Smart Cars) so, like a tourist, I snapped a picture. I mean, it makes sense. They can easily zip through traffic in NYC.

This is along the Henry Hudson Parkway on the drive down to see the World Trade Center. They built a new park along the Hudson and that's what I filmed. That structure in the last picture is where The Titanic would have docked had it made it to New York.

I used to work on Wall Street many years ago and took the E train from Queens into the city every day. I would get off under the Trade Center and walk to my building. I have not been downtown since before 9/11. I decided I finally wanted to see it yesterday, so I asked my son to take me. We were only there about 15 minutes or so. I can't walk for long and it was cold with the windchill.

A beautiful, but sad site at the Memorial. Next time, I'd like to see the Museum.

Above is the new One World Trade Center, the memorial and the entrance to the subway as well as, inside the entrance to the subway It was both amazing and heart wrenching to be in the spot I used to walk so many times.

Me with my son and daughter-in-law at the Trade Center. Yes, my hair needs to be colored. Due to Covid, it wasn't done in a long time. I have an appointment this Wednesday.

It wasn't very crowded, but even outdoors, you had to keep your mask on. A group took off their masks to take a picture and the authorities immediately approached them and said, "You must put your masks back on right now." It didn't matter that we were outdoors to them. A bit of overkill, but, the good part was the mask kept my face warm. With the windchill, it was freezing.

The pictures above are us driving back toward the midtown tunnel. We went through Chinatown and you can see the Chrysler building in the second picture as we were driving through different parts of the city.

It was a nice day. Great to finally be out and about. My doctors didn't want me out after my heart issues started last October. They wanted me to be very careful about not catching Covid.

While I was worried about the vaccine, just like I get anxious and worried about ANY medication or food or smell, I'm happy to say it went well and the staff kept me very calm. We even had a nice chat with a National Guardsmen who came to check on me.

Hopefully with more and more people getting vaccinated, the city will be back to normal soon. I love Broadway shows, shopping, etc. especially at Christmas time.

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