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Eye Opening Lesson About The Source of Seafood - The Confusion

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

My Allergist/Immunologist told me to buy Fresh Atlantic Salmon. So, I did. Or so I thought. I cooked it for dinner recently, so today, I stopped at the seafood counter to purchase more.

I asked the young man behind the counter for Fresh Atlantic Salmon. Then, something made me start up a conversation with him.

Me, "Are those fresh caught." I'm not sure what made me ask this question.

Man, "Well, they are fresh."

Me, "What do you mean? It says Atlantic Salmon. Don't they catch it in the Atlantic.

Man, "No, they are raised there."

Me, "Raised?"

Man, "Yes, they farm them."

I was shocked. I thought these were wild salmon. The man mentioned that the farmers control what the salmon are fed. I then asked what they are fed and if what they are fed foods that have antibiotics in them. He said, yes, in some cases.

So, I thought asking for Atlantic Salmon was enough. It wasn't. (Watch the above video for a shocking look at fish farms)

Are farmed fish safe? Decide for yourself. Check out the videos on this page. My doctor wanted me to buy wild fish. I'm going to have to do some research to find out where to purchase this, if possible.

I thought what I was eating was safe. It wasn't. In some cases, the fish are manipulated to grow faster than they should. A money-making scheme for sure, and possibly not the healthiest for people to consume.

Be careful when you read signs and always ask questions. If you feel like you are being a pain in the rump, you probably are, but it's for your own good and you deserve to be informed before you purchase.

I learned many years ago not to just trust something marked gluten free. You still have to read the ingredients and warnings on the label. Something may very well be marked gluten free but processed in a factory that also processes wheat products.

The scary part of all of this is that we never truly know what we are consuming.

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