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Learning New Tricks/Variety is the Spice of Life

Disclaimer: This is not an affiliate/promotional post. I don't earn anything. This is simply my own experience/opinion.

I remember ballet class at 5 years old. We were asked to do a split. When I tried, it hurt and I didn't get all the way down. The teacher said, "It's your first try. Don't look at the others, concentrate on yourself." I never did do a split as easily as others, but, I excelled in other areas.

We all have our challenges and we all have our passions and talents. Sometimes, we show ourselves and the world what we are meant to do when we are very young. Other times, we discover what we love much later in life.

So my cinnamon buns didn't come out perfect on my first try. And, I made a mistake when I attempted my chocolate chip muffins again. that were awesome the first time. They were awesome the second time too, after I corrected the great muffin debacle. This doesn't mean I can't cook or bake. It means, after years of doing things one way, through no fault of my own, I've had to learn new tricks. It also means that even people with years of expertise, still make mistakes.

It takes practice, hard work, dedication and failures to perfect something. No one wins a gold medal without doing those things. You can cook, if it interests you enough to take the time to practice and learn from mistakes.

Don't listen to the criticism of others. If they laugh, let them laugh. Stay focused and dedicated and remember, success is the best revenge and success along with happiness is even better!

I once had someone who never tasted my food call it "slop". The best part was, I then posted pictures of food created by professional chefs, and when she saw them, thinking they were mine, she called it "slop" again. Sometimes, it's fun to watch people make fools of themselves.

Don't listen to those that have no purpose in your life. Listen to those who matter. They count, not the stranger on the internet or the person sitting next to you in a work meeting. My friends, family and coworkers, who actually tasted my meals, matter, not some dope on the internet who is mad at you for what they imagine you to be.

Laugh. After all, laughter is the best medicine. Laugh at yourself, don't let others have all the fun. I laughed at my repulsive looking but very tasty cinnamon buns and at the craziness that took place in my kitchen the other day. I laughed at my husband's expression when he walked into the kitchen!

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The same person who made fun of my food, watched a video of my mom making meatballs and commented, "she just throws a bunch of stuff into a bowl and mixes it together." Um, ok, I'd say she hit on the secret of cooking! Isn't that how we all cook? We throw "stuff" together and make something delicious? I'm still confused over that attempted insult.

She followed that absurd statement by trying to ridicule us for not using all fresh ingredients. McCormick has been in business over 100 years. I'm going to go out on a limb and say a lot of people use dry ingredients, including famous chefs.

Considering McCormick's products fly off the shelves, especially around the holidays, I'd say dry ingredients have a place regardless of what this naysayer thinks. We use fresh ingredients when we have them in stock. But there is no shame in using dry and it doesn't hinder the taste. I had the gall to use dry bay leaves in my red bean dumpling soup!

My advice is the same as my mother gave us from very small children. "Never care what anyone else thinks. As long as you aren't intentionally hurting anyone or doing something illegal, what others think isn't your problem."

Have confidence, keep trying, keep learning, stand tall, never give up and remember, you can do it, no matter what that "it" might be. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it.

The most intriguing things were discovered by mistake! Don't be afraid to make mistakes, you could invent something amazing.

Happy cooking and baking!

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