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Little Ball of Sunshine

I went to a local market for a veggie haul. What an amazing time I had!

Disclaimer: If you are going to be triggered by this post, no masks, no plexiglass, etc. stop reading now. I won't name to establishment so that they don't get harassed by crazies "reporting" them and/or telling them they are "killing the world" and other such nonsense. Please don't comment any such silliness here either. Just move on.

It was about 1 p.m. today, Thursday, so the store was fairly empty. As I stood over the Brussels Sprouts, choosing which to put into the plastic bag, I heard someone singing. I glanced up and noticed it was a young cashier. She had an amazing voice and wasn't shy about letting us all know it! I smiled and continued choosing sprouts.

Tip: I either wet my finger a little bit on the moisture on the bin holding the veggies (they are sprayed every so often with a mist) or I rip the bag just a tiny bit on the top and it easily opens.

Once my cart was full of potatoes, squash, asparagus and various other veggies, I was ready to check out.

The singing cashier's line was empty. I asked if she was open, just to be sure, and she gave me a huge smile and said, "I sure am."

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This young lady was probably no more than 20 years old. She mentioned she'd been working there four years. I told her she had a beautiful voice and she smiled a big, bright smile again. Her blue eyes sparkled and she said, "Thank you."

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The cashier sang and danced throughout the whole checkout. I could actually SEE her gorgeous face. Was she model beautiful? No. But, she was gorgeous. She was the epitome of confidence. Her smile lit up the room. She was chatty, happy, friendly and real.

We were face to face. No plexiglass, no masks, just two people connecting and this young girl happy as a pig in poo.

You don't realize the loss of human connection when you are masked up, behind plexiglass. Seeing a face is important. "Recognizing and reading faces is a natural skill that we all use many times a day without giving it a second thought..."

This little ball of sunshine made my day. I can't tell you how happy I was leaving that market. In fact, everyone around her was smiling! People were courteous to one another near her line. A young man stopped to help an older lady lift something into her cart from the front of the store, right in front of the singing cashier's register. The more she sang and smiled, the nicer people were.

As I walked to my car, I was ready for a party. I felt like I was at an affair; wedding, Sweet 16. anniversary party.

We all had fun. Fun doing something so mundane. Fun around other people. We were all smiling.

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My husband was waiting in the car. This supermarket doesn't have scooters, so I ran in on my own. I told him all about the singing cashier as we headed to our second stop. Just hearing about her made him grin.

The world needs more singing cashiers these days. Be the ball of sunshine in a world full of dread.

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