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Long Island - South Shore On The Coldest Day of the Year

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

It's was 19 degrees last night at 9 p.m. on Long Island. That's way too cold for my liking.

Lombardi's on the Bay

Lombardi's is where we had my parents' 50'th wedding anniversary close to nine years ago. Thankfully, that was in June and it was a much warmer day!

Yesterday morning it was 16 degrees when we woke up. To make matters worse, it was very windy, making it feel even colder. This morning, it was 13 degrees and they are calling for significant snow on Monday! Brrrrrrrr.

To help keep warm, put up a big pot of soup and bake some yummy treats. Check out my soup category and baked goods category! All recipes can be made with gluten and for the meat lovers, meats of your choice can be added. All recipes are safe for those with allergies/sensitivities/autoimmune issues.

I hate the cold, but I love the water. We had to go out to pick up prescriptions so we took a ride to the South Shore to hang out on the docks by the Great South Bay. It was wild. I've never seen the water moving so fast.

Even bundled up, I could only stand outside the car for a few seconds. Yes, seconds. With the wind, it was just way too cold.

I wanted to see if there was ice in the water. Surprisingly, there wasn't. It was so windy and cold that the poor seagulls couldn't fly. They were huddled together in a flock, their heads down trying to stay warm.

I didn't take pictures as I didn't want to disturb them and I couldn't zoom well with my phone. My good camera was home. But it was a beautiful sight, though I felt bad for them. I wished I could have taken them all home to swim around in a tub full of warm water.

This is the very spot my husband proposed almost 11 years ago. It was a warm September day, early afternoon. I didn't make it easy for him to get me down by the water. Normally, I would have gone in a heartbeat, but I was anxious to get to my mom's house to help her with the surprise birthday party we were throwing for my sister. Poor guy. Good intentions, bad timing. But, we did get engaged that day, and had I known, I would have been much more cooperative!

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The Ferry to Fire Island is right near this spot. In summer, many people take the ferry over for a day of fun. Private boats are also docked at the marina nearby and it's like a party on the bay every day. I spent many a day on boats or the ferry through the years crossing over to Davis Park on Fire Island.

My niece's bachelorette weekend on Fire Island summer of 2020.

They rented a house for the weekend.

Long Island is known for beautiful beaches, boating, and fun in the sun during the summer months and I took full advantage when I was younger. I loved to play near the shore, but never wanted to live that close. I've seen the disasters of living on the water through the years.

Hurricane Sandy almost did the shores of Long Island in. Luckily, we live in the center of the Island and did not sustain much damage at all. Our biggest challenge was not having electricity for a few days after the storm. But, my sister never lost it. So we all piled into her house, pets included, and turned it into a party!

But us Long Islanders are a tough bunch. A super storm can't keep us down. We rebuilt bigger and better and we now enjoy our beautiful shorelines just as much as we did before.

Fire Island

Long island has a lot to offer from concerts, live theater performances, cuisine, wineries, vineyards, farms, (year round activities at the farms) and of course, beaches. The Hamptons is world famous and it's right in our backyard. It's our playground, but people come from all over the world to vacation in The Hamptons and the Hamptons hosts a lot of destination weddings and honeymoons. Hubby and I honeymooned in Montauk (part of the Hamptons). For the story as to why we chose someplace so close to home that we know like the back of our hands, click the green link.

Hampton Classic - Bridgehampton, NY August, 2019

One of the most well known events is the annual Hampton Classic. My daughter and I attended in 2019. We had a wonderful time watching the competition. The horses are so beautiful. My daughter is an equestrian herself, so this is something we enjoy together.

We drove home in a storm and passed the famous Long Island Duck. This was no big deal to me, I pass it all the time! However, it is a fun and interesting site. There's a lot of history that would be very interesting for those visiting the Island.

Driving home on the backroads of the Hamptons to avoid traffic, we got caught in a terrible, but fun, storm. As my daughter drove, I filmed and took pictures.

There's so much more of Long Island to learn about and visit! Check out some of my posts in my Category Long Island, New York.

Come visit, we would love to have you. No worries about a special diet. We have many restaurants and food service that now cater to special needs. There's information in my category Long Island, New York. Or, if you are staying at a private residence, choose one of my many recipes and cook for yourself and your family and friends.

Two of my girls, cuddled up together, staying warm. The heat is

up to 70 but they are still cold.

To those in the North, stay warm, stay safe and don't forget our four legged friends in this bitter cold. Salt is terrible for their paws. If possible, avoid them walking on anything that's been salted. When they go out to do their business, wipe and warm their paws and don't leave them outside long, even if they seem to be enjoying it. They can get hypothermia fast.

Put up a big pot of soup, make some comfort food, bundle up, cuddle up and stay warm and safe. Growing up, the recipe in the green link was one of my absolute favorites on a cold winter day. My second... grilled cheese and tomato soup! For my homemade tomato soup recipe, click the green link.

Happy cooking.


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