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Our Pets Are Family

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

I've been featured!!!!! Check it out. Create With Joy.

I am passionate about animals, cooking and writing and I love all three equally. I'll be posting a few short stories on my blog soon!

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My mom always said, "Never trust anyone who doesn't like dogs," and "Trust a dog that doesn't like a person." TRUTH.

My family has always been huge animal lovers. Since the day I was born, I've had pets. I came home from the hospital as a newborn to a house full of pets and continue to have them to this day.

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There was only one period in my life I did not have a pet in my home and that was during my first marriage. I didn't trust the person I lived with around an animal and would have never left my pet alone with that person. When I left with the kids, the first thing we did was get a dog. My sister bought my son a yellow lab. That was 9.5 years too long married to the wrong person and 9.5 years too long without a pet in my own home.

My current husband also grew up with pets and is a huge animal lover. Animals love him too. He'd probably pick them over me!!!!!

Top l - r My son's new pup, my niece's/sister's dog. Bottom l - r My Chiweenie, my daughter's dog.

I've been seeing so many reports lately of mistreated, abused and neglected animals. Please, if you witness this, call the authorities immediately. We must be a voice for those who can't speak for themselves.

Top - l = r My daughter's 2nd dog, another one of my dogs, bottom l - r my other sister's dog and my 3rd dog.

In my family the pets are all our pets. We take them with us sometimes to family members houses, especially to where I live at my parents' house, because they love to run in the huge yard and play in the pool in the summer.

Please visit my YouTube Channel, subscribe, hit the bell for notifications so you don't miss any new videos and give a thumbs up to the videos you like. Feel free to share and comment/ask questions. check out my category Gluten Free Baking.

We even cook for our dogs. I make them roasted chicken for their dinner (vet approved) plus they get a special small kibble dry food made here on Long Island. I also make them their own dog treats and they LOVE them. My mom also cooks for her dog.

Our pets take day trips with us. They are welcome on the farms out east, on certain beaches, parks, and pet-friendly restaurants, hotels and pet supply stores.

At night, my three girls sleep all cuddled up with pillows and blankets. They have sweaters for the cool weather,

left column - t - b my niece's cat which she had 17 or 18 years - she lost her last year. Mom's dog, my Yorkie whom we had 15 years and just lost a few months ago and on the right, my niece's two new cats she has a few months.

Even in death, our pets are treated with love and kindness. We were all with our Yorkie when she had to be put down. My daughter held her as the Vet performed each step, explaining everything as it was happening. My son dug a grave for her in the yard and a headstone was printed for her by my niece's husband. My niece's cat is also buried in their backyard and also has a headstone.

From the day we take a new pet home, until the day they are laid to rest, they are loved and cared for like part of the family because they ARE family.

My heart breaks when I see stories like this. It's absolutely repulsive.

Please, if you see any type of abuse, report it to the authorities immediately. No animal should be left outside in this cold for prolonged periods of time. Ours are bundled up just to go out to do their business and are immediately taken back inside.

It is currently 17 degrees here on Long Island. With the wind-chill, it's sometimes in the negatives. No pet should be out in that kind of weather.

My sister even has a feral cat that decided to adopt her. The cat refuses to allow anyone to touch her and won't come inside. So my sister bought her a heated house that she keeps on her deck for the cat to stay warm in. She has food and water for her in the house she bought. She even gave her a name.

Growing up our house was like a wildlife rescue. We've saved baby birds, baby rabbits, and many other animals. If the neighborhood kids found an injured animal, they brought it to our house.

If you see anyone abusing an animal in any way, be it not feeding or watering them properly, hitting or beating them, not supplying proper shelter from the cold or heat, or any other kind of abuse, including yelling violently and terrifying them, please, step up and contact police.

I ask you though, make sure it's REAL ABUSE, not just a lifestyle choice you disagree with. When we over report things, especially things that are not actual abuse, we overload an already strained system. That helps no one.

Don't jump to conclusions simply because you see a dog left in a car. I've left my dogs in the car for a few minutes. The car is running and the air conditioning is on and the temperature is controlled. I was verbally attacked by a stranger who was watching my vehicle but didn't have the full story. I was called terrible names, accused of being abusive and told what a horrible person I was.

When I informed that nosey body that they should get all the facts before sticking their nose where it didn't belong and explained that the car was running and cool and the dog hadn't been left more than literally 5 minutes, suddenly, their attitude changed and they decided against calling police. (See Crazy Things Said and Done to Me)

Tesla introduced Dog Mode. It automatically keeps the climate settings and puts a notice on the screen that the climate control is on, as well as the current temperature in the car.

So, gather your facts. Get the full story. Then, if there is real abuse, call police. Don't jump to conclusions, don't start arguments with innocent people or guilty people. Simply contact those who have the authority to help the animal.

We must be the voice for the voiceless. But we must do it correctly.

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