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Pasta Primavera

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Why I don't eat meat!

Wash and chop red peppers and chop onions. Coat the bottom of your pan with olive oil and cook the peppers and onions on low. As they are softening, wash, peel and chop your other vegetables sweet potatoes and green and yellow squash. When peppers and onions are softening add in some chopped garlic and the squash. Steam sweet potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower, leaving firm. Add to frying pan and stir often. As the vegetables cook add small tomatoes (you can use cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes) cut in half and stir. Add frozen peas. Let vegetables cook until all are tender. Don't over cook the vegetables. You don't want mush. Just before the vegetables are done, add in fresh spinach and fresh basil (I keep mine frozen and peel off a few small pieces as needed).

Boil your choice of pasta until al dente (In cooking, al dente /ælˈdɛnteɪ/ (Italian pronunciation: [al ˈdɛnte]) describes pasta or rice that is cooked to be firm to the bite. The etymology is Italian "to the tooth". In contemporary Italian cooking, the term identifies the ideal consistency for pasta and involves a brief cooking time.) Strain pasta and add to bowl or aluminium pan. Mix in vegetables and add vegetable broth. (I used Swanson) Add enough broth so that it's slightly "juicy" because the pasta will soak it up. Gently stir the pasta and vegetables until combined well. Add salt to taste and black pepper if you like it. Serve with Parmesan cheese. Enjoy.

I can't give amounts, I can only give ingredients. Most Italians don't cook with measurements, they cook with heart. My mom taught me to add ingredients until "it looks good". So, judge for yourself.


Olive oil

Salt & black pepper (I don't add pepper because I don't like black pepper but many like to include it)

Fresh basil

Vegetable broth

Red peppers

Onion of your choice - I used red onion and white onion

Garlic cloves

Sweet potatoes

Yellow squash

Green squash



Tomatoes of your choice


Fresh spinach

Pasta - cut of your choice (I use Tinkyada Gluten Free most of the time)

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