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Gluten Free Pea Soup

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

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Why I don't eat meat! For my other soup recipes, click green links. Lentil soup, Roasted butternut squash soup, Vegetable bean soup.

Melt a few pats of butter on low heat in saucepan. Add chopped onion. Stir and cover. You want to steam the onion on low until tender, you don't want it to turn brown. (See video above)

Rinse peas and add to pot when onion is soft. Add cold water to just above peas. Add salt. Stir and bring to a slow semi boil. Lower heat and let simmer uncovered stirring often until peas are soft. (See video above)

Peas will cook approximately 45 minutes. If water is getting low, add some. Don't let it dry out and don't let the bottom burn.

When the peas are soft (mushy) blend well. (See video above) I blended a lot longer than what is shown in the video. Video is just a short sample of how each process is done.

You can boil a small cut gluten free pasta to add to soup if you desire.

I ate mine with no pasta and no gluten free croutons. My husband chose to top with croutons (not gluten free) and black pepper.

I can't give amounts, I can only give ingredients. Most Italians don't cook with measurements, they cook with heart. My mom taught me to add ingredients until "it looks good". So, judge for yourself.


Green split peas

Red onion




Black pepper (I don't like black pepper so I never use it, but many like it)

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