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Potatoes in the New Air Fryer

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

I was so excited to try my new air fryer. I wasn't disappointed.

It was quick, easy and a much easier clean up not to mention much more healthy.

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The potatoes were absolutely delicious. I highly recommend using an air fryer.

Scrub your potatoes well. Dry off with a paper towel and make thin slices. I leave the skin on, you can peel it if you prefer. Place potatoes into a Ziploc bag and add a little squirt of olive oil and salt. Close bag and shake. (see video above)

This is the same way I made the asparagus only it was cooked in the microwave.

Place potatoes air fryer tray. Cook for 10 to 15 minutes on 400. I didn't have to turn or shake them. (see video)

They came out delicious. I made them in three batches, but I would have had to fry them traditionally the same way. They were lite, crispy, and tasty. I can't wait to use it again today. I'm just so happy I lived to come home and make these last night!

Check back soon for my Gluten Free Vegetarian Moussaka recipe.



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