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Roasted Vegetables

Beautifully roasted vegetables.

Colorful, full of aroma, smooth, rich flavors with a slight crunch, simple, savory and satisfying. The total vegetarian package.

I became a vegetarian by "accident" or "force" one could say. Sometimes, fate steps in and works its magic. I don't miss meat at all. Now that I have the proper diagnosis and a doctor who takes her time and truly listens, I've been able to lose weight and keep it off and I'm able to eat healthier. Not that I ate that bad to begin with, I just made improvements.

One of the main questions I get is, "How do you get enough protein." Honestly, it's easy. I will eat seafood, so there's protein there. But I don't eat it often and from now on, I will only buy Alaskan fresh caught after my recent eye opener.

Vegetables do have protein. I also eat beans. I know all is good with my intake because my doctor just did a battery of tests and everything came back absolutely fine. I'm not lacking in any vitamins or essential nutrients. Today's lunch was dark kidney beans and sauerkraut with half a tablespoon of balsamic vinaigrette and a baked potato with cheese. Breakfast was a smoothie, which also has protein in it.

Huge veggie haul! I hit the market this afternoon and found awesome sales. I picked up some great Fall vegetables and some delicious fruits.

Roasted veggies: Wash and chop all your vegetables. I piled them into a tin until I was ready to place them into the roasting pan.

I put some olive oil on the bottom of my pan and made sure to coat the bottom and sides. Place the vegetables into the pan and drizzle some olive oil over the top. Mix the vegetables well. Place into a preheated 400 degree oven set on roast. Keep your eye on them and stir them at least once during the roasting process.

The first picture above is the vegetables with a slight browning just before I stirred them. When you can easily put a fork through all the vegetables, they are done. Serve and enjoy.

I can't give amounts, I can only give ingredients. Most Italians don't cook with measurements, they cook with heart. My mom taught me to add ingredients until "it looks good". So, judge for yourself.


Olive oil

Red onion


Red pepper


Butternut squash

Sweet potatoes

Golden potatoes

Brussels sprouts

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