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Stew in Brown Gravy

Disclaimer: My son asked me to make this. I don't eat meat, but I cooked for the family as he and my daughter-in-law decorated the house inside and out for Christmas.

Perfect crockpot meal for when you have a busy day. Prep took about a half hour. Then I just set the crockpot and let it cook. I chose to stir it twice, but some say it's not necessary.

Whenever I make meat, after unpackaging it, I rinse it under cool water. I then laid out the roast and cut into thick slices. (see video) Next I trimmed the fat off those slices, cut those into slices and then cubes.

Add a small amount of olive oil to a large pan. Place in your meat and add salt. Cook meat until browned then transfer everything, including liquids, to the crockpot. (see video)

Wash, peel and cut your celery, red onion and garlic. Set aside for later. This combination adds a lot of flavor to your meal, don't leave any of it out.

Peel, wash and chop your carrots and potatoes. Put the potatoes in cold water so they don't brown.

Add your vegetables to the meat. Pour in the beef broth. I set the crockpot for 6 hours so dinner would be ready by 6 p.m. It was done in 5 hours. It helps to stir the food at least twice in the crockpot.

When the meal is done, do not unplug the crockpot. Mix a few tablespoons of cornstarch into cool water. Blend until smooth. Pour slowly into the stew, stiring it as you pour. This will thicken the gravy.

My son made egg noodles to go with the stew. Make a bed of noodles in your plate and spoon stew over it.

The crockpot was brought into my mom's side of the house and my son, daughter-in-law and parents enjoyed the meal. Sorry, I didn't get pictures of them serving, I wasn't there. They did say it was delicious.

My son and daughter-in-law's decorations are beautiful. The house looks amazing inside and out. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


Angus beef roast

Olive oil


Red onions





Beef broth

Corn starch


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