Thank You To The Man Who Saved My Life and other Funny Stories

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

I got lucky today. A complete stranger did a good deed avoiding what could have been a trip for stitches at the least, unconsciousness at the worst.

I've always loved cooking and baking. I've also always despised shopping and grocery shopping is the worst. I guess I'm a person of many contradictions; I love to travel but hate to fly.

I do grocery shop and I do fly, just not happily. These days I do both with much more hesitation and difficulty than years before.

I reluctantly went to the supermarket on yet another chilly, rainy day on Long Island. My supermarket keeps the doors on one side of the store closed due to Covid. So, everyone parks near the doors that are open and crowds together to get into the store and grab carts.

I saw someone pulling out of a spot close to the door (all handicapped spots were taken) so I was trying to get as close as possible. I put on my signal and waited as the truck pulled out. For some reason, the driver was on the wrong side of the road, preventing me from taking the spot. Grrrrr. Someone came from the other direction and jumped into it. It's going to be one of THOSE days I see.

After driving in circles, I found someone pulling out close to the entrance and got a decent spot.

I went through the routine of pulling on my mask, putting sanitizer on the cart handles and bringing up my list on my phone, which I disinfect before and after shopping. I only needed a few items, shouldn't be too bad, right? Wrong.

Things went smoothly in produce, but, it was crowded, even on a weekday at 11 a.m. The holiday is coming, it's going to be crowded at all times. Plus they have more merchandise out and they are stacking products everywhere, leaving less room to maneuver.

I needed tomato paste. I went down that aisle and sure enough they were putting merchandise onto the shelves. As I was looking for my brand, a man ran up behind me and yanked me backward. What the hell? At first I thought he was a lunatic; attacking me or trying to grab my purse.

I heard a loud sound and realized a large can had fallen and the man saved me from being hit in the head. Thank you to the 30'something man for keeping me out of the ER! According to him, the stock boy was putting up cans so fast, he let one go too soon. Sometimes, the powers that be put people together for a reason.

Not all disasters are avoidable. See my Rice Ball Disaster.