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Why I Don't Eat Meat

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

To be honest, it wasn't on purpose. My allergies and immunology issues prevented me from eating meat (see The Day My Life Changed). Actually, at one time, it prevented me from eating almost EVERYTHING. Yes, it was insane to say the least.

I spent literally years going from doctor to doctor, all of whom said they couldn't help me. I was getting more and more sick, constantly in hospital ER's and no one could figure anything out.

I've even been accused of being a drug seeker. The problem is, the hospital staff neglected to check my chart. Had they, it would have been clear that every time I was offered pain medication, I refused. So, how is someone who refuses pain medication a drug seeker?

I was also told it was "all in my head" and I should see a psychiatrist. Lord have mercy, it was definitely NOT in my head. I did develop severe anxiety though, due to the REAL medical issues no one could figure out. I did seek help for that and still take a low dose of Ativan to help with the anxiety.

Needless to say, I literally went from Manhattan to Montauk trying to find a doctor who could figure out what was wrong. I finally found one. Amazingly, it was a recommendation from my accountant. Yes, we got on the topic, somehow, of my issues and he recommended an amazing doctor.

After years of tests, trying various treatments and never giving up, I'm now on a medication that is helping me with some of the issues. Not all by a long shot, but at least I can eat more things. I take a shot monthly, even through the heart of the pandemic, when the office was closed for everything EXCEPT those on shots.

After not eating meat for so long, I don't miss it. I was never much of a beef lover to begin with. I always preferred vegetables and seafood. As a very young child, I was in a restaurant with my parents and I ordered shrimp. Yup, I wasn't a kid who ate "kids meals" like most kids did. No, I wanted the good stuff.

I was also the "weird" kid who loved Brussels sprouts and spinach and almost all vegetables. My favorite fruits, even as a child, were bananas, pears, peaches, and melons.

This video also makes it very easy for me.

My niece went vegan and my daughter and other niece are both vegetarian. So, it was easy for me to not go back to eating meat. I prefer it this way now. When I cook, I have others who will eat my meals and some will eat them along with meats of their choice.

I shared my pea soup, lentil soup, vegetable lasagna, sweet and sour balls and pasta primavera with family members. Click the green links for recipes for these dishes.

Happy cooking!

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