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Why I Wasn't Cooking for a While - We had a Wedding!

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

My niece got married this past weekend.

It was a beautiful wedding and the weather was perfect. We couldn't ask for more. Obviously, with three days of partying, rehearsal dinner, wedding and left overs the next day, plus a week's worth of preparation, I didn't have time to cook or post.

My niece is a vegan. We had vegan options available for those who are vegan or vegetarian. Her cake was made by a neighbor and it was completely vegan and delicious. Cakes By Candice

I'm finally getting caught up this afternoon after taking one of my three pups for her annual vet visit. My Lucy, the red Chiweenie, needed her checkup and rabies shot. Mocha went last month, she's my Chiweenie in the middle and Lexxi, my Morkie, is up to date.

See my next post for vegetarian chili.

Why I don't eat meat!

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